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Gun Jansson

John Erikssonsv. 9

663 33 Skoghall


0046- 054- 51 31 87

E-post: goonies@goonies.se

Mia Jansson

Torsvägen 9C

663 32 Skoghall


0046- 0705-129401

E-post:  mia@goonies.se


6 kommentarer till “Kontakt”

  1. anita skriver:

    absolutly stunning

  2. Hello from Germany,
    we are so proud to have a daughter of Heppe with us.
    I’ve stolen a picture of him 🙂 I hope they are not evil.
    SANSA is so a beautiful girl.
    We still wish a beautiful Advent.


    1. goonies skriver:

      Hello Kersten!

      You can sure use photos of daddy Hebbe 🙂
      Maybe I can steel a photo of Sansa 😉
      She looks so lovely!
      Wish you too a beautiful advent.


      1. Oh Mia, many thanks…and yes…SANSA is our little princess 🙂
        so sad that you live so far from us….

  3. I am so glad I found your website. I have seen photos of your Beardies for years now. Two of my dogs came from Charlotte Vrethammar, and I know she loved Hebbe when she judged a show when he was young. I visited Karlstad and Hammaro when I came to get Bjorn in March 2011. So many reasons to be happy I could visit you through the Internet. Best wishes for Happy and Mac.


    1. goonies skriver:

      Thank’s a lot for your comment 🙂 I’m sorry our website just is in swedish, but maybe you understand some of it?
      We are very proud of Hebbe, he’s a big beutiful boy. Right now he has a girl visiting from Charlotte… So hopefully Charlotte will be busy with a lot of tiny paws this summer 😉 And of course we hope that Happy and Mac too will have puppies, fingers crossed!
      I have seen your photos of lovely Björn. We live quite close to Nina and Johan so we saw him when he still was living here.


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